Openstack Private Cloud Administration

OST-104 Új

Openstack adminisztráció alapjai

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This course covers the fundamentals of the Openstack open source IAAS (Infrastructure As A Service) cloud solution, used for creating private clouds. After a short cloud and Openstack primer, it presents the architecture of Openstack and introduces its base components in details such as the Horizon GUI dashboard and the Openstack CLI, the Keystone identity system, the Nova compute service, the Neutron network service and software defined networking, the Glance image service, the Cinder block storage service, the Ceilometer metering solution, the Heat orchestration services and the Swift object store. Structure: 50% theory 50% hands on lab exercises.



Core Projects

  • Nova
  • Neutron
  • Glance, Cinder
  • Ceilometer
  • Heat
  • Swift

OpenStack Architecture

Virtual Machine Provisioning Walk-Through


  • Understanding the classroom environment
  • Perform initial health check
  • Test instance creation

2. Controller Node

Overview Horizon and OpenStack

Keystone Architecture

  • User Management
  • Keystone CLI overview

OpenStack Messaging and Queues

  • Message Queue Configuration

Image Management (Glance)

  • Glance CLI overview
  • Creation of custom images

OpenStack Storage (Cinder)

  • Cinder CLI overview
  • Managing volumes


  • Create and manage users, roles, tenants, quotas ◦ Create and manage images
  • Create and manage volumes
  • Check messaging

3.Compute Node

Linux virtualization basics

  • Hypervisors, KVM, Linux bridges

VM Placement

VM provisioning in-depth

Instance management

  • Nova CLI overview
  • Boot/Terminate instance
  • Attach volume to instance


  • Configure flat networking
  • Create and manage vm instances
  • Configure VM metadata

4. Network node

Networking in OpenStack

OpenStack Networking ConceptsNova-network vs. Neutron

  • Neutron architecture and plugins
  • OpenVSwitch concepts
  • Neutron agents

Network management

  • Neutron CLI overview
  • Manage networks
  • Manage subnets
  • Manage routers
  • Manage ports
  • Manage floating IPs


  • Create routers, networks, subnets
  • Associate floating IPs
  • Throubleshoot Neutron networking

5. Ceilometer

  • Ceilometer background and usecases
  • Ceilometer architecture
  • Ceilometer meters and pipelines
  • Ceilometer deployment


  • Working with ceilometer

6. Heat

Heat Overview


  • AWS CloudFormation template format
  • Heat services
    • heat-api
    • heat-cfn-api
    • heat-engine

Configuring Heat

  • Configuring images for use with Heat
  • Creating a stack

  • Creating a stack

7. Openstack Object Store (Swift)

Swift Overview

  • Swift Architecture
  • Accounts, containers, objects, rings
  • Nodes types : auth, proxy, storage
  • Partitions, zones, replication

Using Swift

  • Accounts
  • Creating and managing objects
  • Object server management
  • Container server management
  • Account server management
  • Proxy server management
  • Ring management
  • Large objects

Appendix: Openstack Installation

Linux üzemeltetési alapok, hálózati és virtualizációs alapok