How to successfully work together with Hungarians


Online Workshop only in English about cooperation techniques

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For many years, Hungary has been attracting a wide cross section of international companies and entrepreneurs. Expatriate Managers, Project Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Management Team Members from all over the world have come to work in Hungary. The lack of necessary cultural awareness and understanding of how business is conducted in Hungary inevitably leads to misunderstandings, conflicts, and inefficiencies at work.

This workshop will provide participants with a better understanding of their own culture and deeper appreciation of Hungarian culture at work and teach new skills and tools in order to successfully work together with Hungarians. It will develop a competence in Hungarian Business Culture in order to analyse cultural differences and resolve conflicts at work in a non-judgemental framework. Participants will acquire knowledge that can successfully apply to any business culture in any country throughout the World.

This interactive workshop is designed for a small group of maximum 15 people in order to boost interaction, involvement and efficiency. This training is only available in English. A Brit and a Hungarian trainer will run the workshop together.

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The training is recommended for all those who want to succeed in the Hungarian business world, both as managers and professionals.


  • Participants identify their current challenges and advantages working together with Hungarians.
  • Understand the importance and complexity of culture in business.
  • Introduction to the Business Cultural Model.

Personal Business Cultural Profile compared to Hungarian’s Business Culture

  • Participants identify their business cultural preferences in comparison to Hungarian Business Culture.
  • Develop an understanding of cultural similarities and differences.
  • Identify potential conflicts of cultural origin.

Analyse cultural challenges and conflicts

  • Develop a consistent approach to manage cultural differences.
  • Learn to analyse challenging situations at work and identify possible cultural root causes.

Resolve cultural challenges and conflicts

  • Develop skills and learn tools to resolve cultural conflicts at work.
  • Apply the new knowledge to solve challenging situations that Participants are currently facing at work.

Follow-up after the workshop

  • Transfer the new knowledge and skills to everyday work.
  • Actions in ten-day periods
  • Workshop Booklet with additional information and tools.