Talking to a robot, or the Artificial Intelligence scores the language test

Talking to a robot, or the Artificial Intelligence scores the language test

Pearson Vue’s latest language test, called PTE, helps to find a job or a school, for those who try their luck abroad, whether they are moving to English-speaking countries for educational or working purposes. The given certification is widely accepted all over the world, among universities and agencies alike.

The language test is available on different levels. Home A1, Home A2 and Home B1 levels are necessary for travelers intending to work and acquiring citizenship. The Academic level verifies the high level of language skills of those wishing to study at a university.

The whole exam is computer-based. Exam tasks include writing comprehension, creating a text, speaking, and speaking comprehension, as in traditional language exams. The candidate can complete the test with the help of a headset and a microphone. The test is scored by a robot with artificial intelligence, so the result arrives within 48 hours after the exam (within 5 days in case of Academic level). Thanks to this new technology, the exam provides a fair, objectively scored, and fast result.

This new type of exam provides an opportunity to obtain the language exam certificate, which is required for staying abroad, even at the last minute. The new PTE language exam is accredited by OFQUAL (the Office of Qualifications and Examinations Regulation) and thus complies with the English ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages) international certification. ESOL is for non-native English-speaking applicants who wish to obtain a high-level, globally authenticated language qualification.

In our renewed Pearson Vue Select exam center, new PTE language exams can be taken on Thursdays from August.

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