PTE Exam Information

General information about the PTE exam

Format: computer-based
Preparation resources can be found on this website:
Other important information:

Level Duration Break
PTE Home A1 30 minutes no
PTE Home A2 30 minutes no
PTE Home B1 30 minutes no
PTE Academic 180 minutes 10 minutes after the Reading part
PTE Academic UKVI 180 minutes 10 minutes after the Reading part

Application procedure

Our examination center does not have the right to register for this exam, so candidates must do the registration for themselves, in the following ways:

The Training360’s Pearson Vue exam center is available for PTE exams once a month on Thursday.

Rescheduling or cancellation a test

The exam date can only be changed through Pearson Vue’s customer service (our exam center is not authorized to do so). To cancel or change your exam date, please visit and log in with your account and make the necessary changes.

Important! The exam can be canceled or modified free of charge outside of 14 calendar days. Between 8-14 days, Pearson Vue will charge 50% of the exam fee, within 8 days, 100% of the exam fee. More detailed information can be found here: (Rescheduling or cancellation a test).


The result becomes available within 5 working days after the exam, of which the candidate will be notified by e-mail, provided during registration.

Details of the examination

You should arrive 20-25 minutes before your chosen appointment so that we can complete the necessary administration. Be sure to bring a valid ID (passport or, if you live in the European Union, ID).

You must read and accept the exam conditions before you start the exam. At the check-in, we will ask you for an electronic signature, take a photo of you, scan your ID and use a vein scanner to ensure that you can check-in and out of the exam room in accordance with all rules during breaks. Information about our privacy policy can be found here.

We will provide everything you may need during the exam, such as note board, pen, handkerchief, and headphones.

All personal belongings must be placed in a lockable cabinet before the exam, so please do not bring larger values with you!

At our exam center, a maximum of 5 people can take exams at the same time, so you should expect that you will not be sitting alone in the room and others will be taking exams around you, so you can expect others to speak when you speak too, so it is important to be as quiet as you can. To ignore other noises, it is recommended that you wear headphones throughout the exam. Everyone has globally similar conditions to take exams at international exam centers.

You can find all other useful information and exam rules at, which can help you before and after the exam. Be sure to visit the website and read the information and preparation resources careful!