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You can enroll in training courses announced by Training360 via a downloadable application form or via a company order form. Our General Terms and Conditions for Trainings and Warranty contain the information for applications. Please send us the form via fax to +361-880-0041 or scanned in an email to the email address of our associates.

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General Course Conditions and Warranty of Training360

(valid from 14th february 2014)

Course information

The courses are held at Training360 Kft. (South Buda Business Park, 1117 Budapest, Budafoki út 56.). Hardware, software and other educational services are provided by Training360 Kft. The courses are intensive (8-10 hours daily), from 9.00 am to about 5.00 pm. If different conditions apply, participants will be informed accordingly. If required, accommodation is available for participants not resident in Budapest at a discount price at a nearby three-star hotels.

Application / registration

Application forms for the courses should be sent no later than two weeks prior to the start date of each course to Training360 Kft. by regular post (1117 Budapest, Budafoki út 56.), fax (+36 1 880-0041) or e-mail (scanned) to On-line registration is also available on Training360 Kft. website at If a course is about to start and there are still some vacancies, applications will also be accepted within the two-week period specified above; exception to be applied for authorized VMware courses. For VMware courses registration / application form must be submitted and sent at least 5 working days prior to start the training. Within this period we cannot accept / approve applications and we need to reschedule you the next available announced course date.

Companies can also order courses by submitting a custom company purchase order form, accepting the course conditions specified herein, or according to the conditions specified in a separate agreement. By sending the application form, order form or online registration, Customers/Participants accept these General Course Conditions and Guarantees as binding upon themselves. These General Course Conditions shall also be applicable in the event of other terms provided by the Customer/Participant and not regulated by contract.

For using training vouchers (like Microsoft SA voucher, VMware Training credit, etc.) as a payment option, You must send the voucher code and the expiration date of the voucher at least 2 working days prior to starting the course.

Course details

Depending on the type of course, in order for an advertised course to be held, a minimum of 4 participants are required. If applications exceed the quota, further courses will be held in addition to those originally advertised, and the participants will be informed of the starting times of these additional courses. Participants will be informed of the acceptance of their applications and supplied with relevant information concerning the course in writing (by post, fax, e-mail). Similarly, if the number of applicants is less than that required, or if the starting times are modified by Training360 Kft. for any reason, participants will be notified accordingly 5-10 working days before the starting date of the course.

Participants shall sign a training agreement on the first day of the course. The progress of the course is tracked using Attendance Sheets and Progress Logs. The courses do not have exams in default; a Certificate of Attendance is awarded to each participant at the end of the course, the presentation of which is formally documented. Oral and/or practical evaluation may be provided at the end of the courses (on a pass/fail basis). Following the completion of certain official courses (e.g. Microsoft, Cisco, VMware) Participants may sit for official exams and obtain international certifications at our authorized Pearson VUE Testing Centre. Course fees do not include exam fees (with the exception of special offers or packages where that is indicated). Exams are subject to separate documented conditions, which are provided to the Participants upon request.

Course fees, payment and cancellation terms

The entire fee for the course (or, if paid in instalments, the given instalment) shall be paid in cash or, in the case of companies, by bank transfer, on receipt of our invoice or pro-forma (advance) invoice, with an 8 calendar day payment deadline. In the event of any other payment terms, written permission from and/or valid agreement with Training360 Kft. is required. The customer/participant will be informed of the payment terms in our confirmation notification, which will also be published on our website. If the invoice or the pro-forma (advance) invoice is not paid by the given deadline, default interest will be charged at double the official Central Bank rate.

Cancellations or rescheduling are only accepted if given in writing and before the start of the course. Participation can be cancelled free of charge up to 10 working days before the start of the course. If an applicant withdraws from a course 6-10 working days before the starting date, the party officially ordering the course and bearing related costs will be charged 50% of the list price; if the cancellation occurs within 5 working days prior to the starting date, 75% of the list price will be charged. If an applicant withdraws from the course without giving written notice, the original/complete course fee will be charged to the party officially ordering the course and bearing related costs.

Participants can be replaced if Customer indicates that in writing at least 2 working days prior to the start of the course AND if the activation of electronic training materials / e-books have not been activated / redeemed (which course is applicable). After redemption or activation of the electronic training materials, reassignment of that to another participant is not possible; in this case the cost of the training material will be charged to the Customer again.

In the case of official Oracle courses, due to Oracle’s regulations, the Training360 Kft. general course terms and conditions and cancellation terms are modified. In the case of advertised Oracle courses, the course can be cancelled free of charge or rescheduled 7 calendar days prior to the start date of the course. In the case of rescheduling or cancellation 1-6 calendar days prior to the start date of a course, we charge 50% of the course fee, and 100% if an applicant withdraws without any written notice.

Please note! In the case of certain special offers or courses with a date-guarantee, the course conditions and terms of cancellation and payment may change, and these will be indicated.

Cooperation and guarantee

The contracting parties agree to cooperate in resolving disputes. Training360 Kft. Training and Development Department provides a guarantee for the quality of the courses. In the case of any form of non-compliance, the participant or customer shall be entitled to make a complaint to Training360 Kft., who will investigate the complaint in accordance with its relevant quality control procedures and provide compensation if a complaint is found to be justified. The Hungarian Civil Code shall apply to all other disputes.

Confidentiality, data protection

Training360 Kft. hereby represents that it will only use the information and data specified during the application process in its internal tracking and administration system, and that, unless required by law, it will not disclose such information to third parties, nor use it for marketing purposes unless specifically authorised to do so by the applicant. We accept no liability for any damages or abuse arising from inappropriate use of the e-mail address and password by the user.

Under the rules of the Act on Adult Education and Vocational Training, Training360 Kft. has an obligation to provide data to the authorities and ministries defined in the Act and, in addition to the data provided in the application process, additional personal and company data may also be required. Providing the latter to Training360 Kft. is also mandatory within the framework of the training agreement to be concluded prior to the start of the course. Training360 Kft. handles these data confidentially and based on the Hungarian laws of Data Privacy.


Reference materials and other items provided to participants for the purpose of the course remain the exclusive property of Training360 Kft. and the particular vendor concerned, and may not be removed from the course location.

No photocopying by participants/users of participant course materials and official course materials or lending of the same to third parties is allowed. The terms of use are determined by Training360 Kft. or the vendor and are included in the course materials for reference.


Training360 Kft. reserves the right to partially modify its course conditions as a consequence of changes to external or internal regulations, in which case proper advance notification will be given to applicants and Customers. The prevailing conditions and current changes are also included on the Training360 Kft. website at These General Course Conditions and Guarantees may be overridden by the terms and conditions of separate agreements.


We make every effort to conduct our courses at the highest possible level in line with the course outline and terms of study as advertised, paying due heed to the particular needs of customers. Nevertheless, should you be dissatisfied overall with the course you took, you may lodge a complaint and claim compensation.

Most often, problems that might arise in the course of training may be resolved quickly if we are informed promptly about them. Participants in training courses (or the customer) have the opportunity to report any problems or deficiencies of a professional or non-professional nature that may adversely affect the professional standard or efficiency of courses, either through the trainer, training coordinators or product line managers, at any time. These reports will enable us to respond to and address these problems promptly, so please do make use of this opportunity.

Upon completion of the course, participants may provide feedback on the quality of the course and how it was conducted, in writing or through the online feedback system, by filling in student satisfaction questionnaires. They may also give their opinions or recommendations to enable us to enhance the quality of our courses. Should these reports indicate grave instances of non-compliance or dissatisfaction with the course, we will contact you to discuss and resolve the problems.

Should you be dissatisfied with the professional standard of the course, you may withdraw from the course at any time and report the grievance to our staff in writing within 5 working days of the end of the course, giving detail of your objections, the problems and complaints concerning the course, which will be investigated within two weeks of receipt and settled either in person or in writing. The forms of settlement are as follows:

1. You may participate in another course free of charge commencing on any of the advertised dates, within 6 months of the end of the course, for which you should register in advance (courses are subject to the general course conditions). In this case, the participant should bring the course and supplementary materials received in the previous course (other services, meals, other discounts and benefits are not available).


2. You may participate in another course with similar course fee commencing on any of the advertised dates, within 6 months of the end of the course, for which you should register in advance (courses are subject to the general course conditions). The course and supplementary materials received in the previous course and the fee of services used by you shall be settled.


3. Should you decide not to participate in another course, we will refund the course fee to the customer. The course and supplementary materials received for the course and the fee of services used by you shall be settled.

For tailor-made / bespoke courses, we will settle the matter on an ad-hoc basis, as laid down in the relevant contract.

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