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Camels are perfectly adapted to the scarcity of resources in their environment: they can go without water for as long as one week and they also drink salt water. When they have the chance, they can drink up to 100 liters of water in 5 minutes, since they do not know when they will have the chance to drink again.

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Resource management

One of the major driving and shaping forces of evolution is the scarcity of resources; this is how life populated Earth. At the end of the 20th century, mankind had to face the fact that resources are finite, and it has become a central factor for competitiveness in the 21st century whether a corporation can effectively manage its necessary and available resources.

Today we have a wide range of methodological and professional tools for optimizing resources (procurement methods) and workflow (the lean approach), the implementation and use of which may pay off immediately.

Production management - lean

The performance of a production company is directly affected by a well-designed and well-implemented system or production process. The perfect and sustainable use of resources, adequate quality control, and effective communication are all components of a company that operates and produces successfully.

'Lean' is a tool-based philosophy created by clean basic principles, focusing on eliminating procedural losses so that every activity and step in the process will produce value from the point of view of the internal or external customer.

Implementing the lean method will reach the desired outcome only when all participants at every level of the organization understand its principles and learn to use them in their everyday work. For this reason we created our development solutions according to the following roles:

  • Implementation level (for trainers, heads of departments)
  • Supervision level
  • Leadership level

We implement our development programs, in each case customized individually, by using a wide range of methodology tools, training courses, workshops, leadership coaching, and on-the-job training elements.

The lean approach in the office

Technologies that have been used for decades in manufacturing and production are not only effective in the factory plant. These methods can provide a substantial increase in efficiency in the office administration, in case of IT or even media corporations. The reason is that the essence of the lean method is a constant striving to reach the ideal process by eliminating loss and waste. Our solutions range from leadership approach coaching to the level of workplace ergonomics.

Economical training solutions

Education fees are only a part of the actual development costs of corporate training programs, due to the time employees spend away from work while in training. From the point of view of organizational efficiency, it is vital that the time spent in training be used in the most optimal way.

Survey methods developed by us, along with our professional experience will help you in preparing education programs and, apart from traditional formats, in the introduction and implementation of new generation education methods.


E-learning solutions can be a remarkable competitive advantage even at 50-100 users. It is typically suited for making available to employees unified contents that tend not to change dynamically.

Online training

Basic IT training courses are available online in the form of video-based educational solutions, which is not only more economical than classroom courses but also more flexibly adjustable to working hours of employees, and they save time in commuting and hours spent away from work.

Professional procurement training

In a fiercely competitive market, using efficient procurement methods becomes more and more crucial.

The craft of procurement is not only a showcase of tricks and practices. It is vital that each member of the procurement team acquire the tools and skills that will make their every decision result in the most economical outcome.

There are still many organizations that fail to exploit in full the advantages that professional procurement techniques offer, even though they directly and significantly affect the productivity of the company!

Organizations may have very different procurement solutions, so we compile our solutions, customized for each client, from the following list of modules:

  • Procurement negotiation techniques
  • Managing tenders
  • Evaluation and assessment of suppliers
  • Price negotiations
  • Procurement marketing (in-house)
  • Business information acquisition for purchase associates
  • Procurement of marketing expenditures

We recommend these training courses to the entire procurement team and we advise to support procurement managers with professional coaching.

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