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Adaptive develop­ment process Adaptive develop­ment process

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Personal skill development

One of the keys to a group’s success is the skillset of its members and the consciousness with which they use these skills. Nobody is born a perfect lecturer; nobody is a professional negotiator as a child. These are not genetic traits but learnable skills and attributes that can be developed.

There are several techniques and methods for skill development and for conveying knowledge. With the help of our soft skills solutions, participants will learn how, why and what they should do better or differently, making them more successful and therefore happier in the workplace.

Successful and happy individuals directly and positively influence their everyday work environment and their colleagues, and thereby the entire organization.

Business skill development

Skills used by the members of the organization in business matters are designed and carried out by us on a case-by-case basis, following thorough analysis and the identification of the biggest potentials for development.

Let’s consider, for example, presentation technique. Every organization needs its associates to be able to communicate their thoughts, ideas and achievements to internal or external clients in the form of an effective presentation. We provide a continuously updated standard methodology for giving a good presentation, of course, but our aim is to help participants reach their best by taking into account their already existing skills as well (style of speech, argumentation technique, body language, etc.).

Our most popular topics:

  • Presentation technique
  • Time management
  • Conflict management
  • Negotiation techniques
  • Stress management
  • Business communication
  • Creative thinking
  • Interview technique
  • Assertive communication
  • Leading a meeting

Professional competence for non-professionals

The proficiency of a leader is essentially unrelated to his or her qualifications. Up-to-date knowledge in a changing environment of business and technology provides solid support for the everyday tasks of a leader.

Acclaimed experts in each field will convey the essence of their knowledge, using a specific methodology:

  • Finance for non-finance professionals
  • Information technology for non-IT professionals
  • Statistics for non-statisticians
  • Project management for non-project managers

Management training

A group’s ability to adapt to a changing environment and the efficiency of its proactive actions are largely determined by its leader and his or her guidance and relationship with the group. A leader needs to have a clear vision to spot the need for change. Leaders need to take hold of the steering wheel and stand at every milestone to consciously shape the entire organization. They need relevant information and support for making the best decision in each situation.

Management training is especially recommended when internal associates are promoted to leadership roles, in case of efficiency development for middle managers, and when it is integrated into organization development programs. We provide specialized solutions for top leaders in the field of learning and using best practices.

Our leadership training solutions are organized around the following themes:

Cooperation and leadership

Situational leadership, the leader as a role model, leadership styles, mixed employee environment, developing the organizational culture.

Group and team

Team roles, personal and corporate preferences, problems fitting in, group dynamics.

Change and leadership

Change management, the role of the leader, leadership tools, stages of change, the leader as coach.

Assessment, evaluation

Strategic markers, effective feedback, performance assessment.

Responsible and efficient communication

Models of communication, intercultural training, chairing a meeting.


Leadership role, conflict management, motivation, change, burnout, succession.

Development of specific leadership skills

Time management, negotiation techniques, presentation techniques.

Our training courses are suited to the work cycle of a modern manager; it is our express objective to use the time that leaders spend away from work in the most efficient manner possible. We design programs that are working hours-friendly, and we suggest using flexible training and individual or group coaching tools.

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