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The success of human evolution was greatly enhanced by the fact that we have opposable thumbs, enabling us to hold objects. Using this skill has led to creating and using tools.

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Office software usage

Offices these days have a mix of employees who differ in their familiarity with software (Excel, Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Lync, Webex, Skype, etc.), and IT knowledge at the workplace is heterogeneous. Everyday work is unimaginable without the use of computers, which holds a great business potential for improvement when their advanced features are used appropriately.

Work processes can be made significantly faster, for example by programming in Excel and by other intelligent solutions; their quality, transparency and predictability can be enhanced by improving the software skills of users.

Better quality software produces better quality of data, more precise reports, which in turn will support better decision-making by way of appropriate use of statistical analytical tools, resulting in a more successful corporation.

Using office programs – basic training

Employees at nearly every job use some version of the Microsoft Office Suite. Reliable, confident use of Excel is a basic requirement these days, just as the user-level acquaintance with other office software: Word, Outlook or PowerPoint.

In our experience it is best to organize homogenizing basic training for employees, supplemented by regular practice-oriented advance training, especially in the field of table management.

We are able to assists the training process from assessment to evaluation with our flexible solutions, and we have no problem providing parallel or foreign-language training courses. For small groups or busy leaders, we recommend super-intensive consultation solutions.

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Role-adjusted office training

Although most of the corporation will use the same software package, people in different roles with different tasks will use completely different features of the same software. This insight led us to develop customized programs for basic training for users of office software, where participants will not only learn skills that help them in their everyday work, but we also provide programmed tools to simplify and speed up work, and teach their usage through various exercises.

A few groups that we have substantial experience in training:

  • Finances, controlling
  • Sales representatives
  • Sales assistants
  • Product-side managers
  • CRM users

In each case, prior to training, we assess the competencies of the target group and the work flow they are involved in, and use this assessment to customize the improvement program. If required, we will develop an individual knowledge and tool base for any role that can be typified.

Preparing reports
(analysis and decision support)

In business processes, we are subjected to tremendous amounts of data every minute, flowing through our hands and computers. By using adequate statistical, analytical methods and software, we can manage any amount of information.

Our decision-supporting and analytical solutions provide valuable help at each stage of data processing from database analysis to publishing reports.

  • Data source analysis
  • Moving big chunks of data
  • Data screening
  • Data models and data analysis
  • Statistical methodologies
  • Business Intelligence (BI) solutions
  • Improving analytical skills
  • Options for automatization
  • Preparing reports
  • Presenting and publishing reports

When we prepare training courses, we not only assess processes and the participants’ background knowledge but also analyze data structures, so instead of using merely similar data formats, users in the training will use identical data formats, making the adaptation of newly acquired knowledge even faster and more complete.

The online corporation

Online work organization is gaining popularity due to the possibilities inherent in a changing economic and social environment and technology. More flexible time management and work management is beneficial to those with reduced capacity to work, women returning to work after childbirth, the environment, and the family-centered values of corporations.

The technological foundations for online work have been there previously; these days we also have a wide selection of advanced, user-friendly tools (e.g., Lync, Webex, SharePoint, Skype).

However, possibilities of online work management can be fully utilized by using these specialized tools to improve the skills of participants. Due to the altered circumstances we have developed a specific and unique training series to support our clients in online work management:

  • Chairing a meeting at a web conference
  • Presentation at a web conference
  • Team work solutions with office tools
  • Online group leadership

Prior to training, and apart from software tools, we also assess the entire organizational work flow of online work.

Skype coaching

A coaching series provides terrific support for a leader, but due to job demands, it is often nearly impossible to find a time and place for the sessions. This problem is addressed by our special coaching solution conducted through a teleconferencing, which only requires a laptop and an internet connection.

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