Adaptive training
Inter-organizational relations
Adult marmosets willingly protect and even feed each other’s offspring. In these groups, baby monkeys are required to read the behavior of others to gain the love of adult monkeys and to notice when they are threatened. Natural selection prefers those who are better at reading minds.

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CSR activities at Training360 CSR activities at Training360

We consider it exceedingly important to support social and environmental causes through our activities.

Corporate Social Responsibility

Adaptive develop­ment process Adaptive develop­ment process

The secret behind the efficiency and lasting success of our solutions.

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HR development

One of the most recent areas of research in evolutionary psychology is the so-called secondary evolutionary logic. This states that altruism serves the same kind of objectives and is as much a part of success as other evolutionary factors.

The integration of social diversity and corporate responsibility are not only proven to be beneficial for organizational performance but are also requirements on the part of external clients (such as the European Union).

Diversity management

Understanding and making the most of interpersonal differences, as well as coordinating appropriate behavioral patterns, new work practices and principles are difficult tasks. However, this must be addressed and it is worth doing well since it results in a more efficient organization, able to react more quickly.

We provide training solutions in the following featured fields for our clients, leaders and HR-associates to help create and maintain a colorful, accepting environment:

  • Mothers returning to work
  • Generation Y
  • Employees close to retirement
  • Female leaders
  • Employees with reduced capacity to work

Apart from training courses we also provide counseling in designing and implementing complex HR-programs:

  • Introducing telecommuting
  • Implementing a mentoring system
  • Work scope analysis, designing a new level of counseling
  • Creating a supportive company culture

Corporate Social Responsibility - CSR

Corporate social responsibility is a topic that every company needs to know about and be conscious of the economic, social and environmental effects of, since these factors are the foundation of long-term sustainability. Truly successful CSR programs are organically fitted to the organization’s characteristics, its human and professional profile.

Our exclusive introductory training solutions are designed to shape the user’s approach in an interactive manner and are the first step towards a continuously expanding corporate social responsibility program that will be appreciated by all external actors. Participants will get acquainted with possible routes for optimal implementation of a CSR program and receive support for facilitating the necessary internal procedures.

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