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External relations management

External relations management

The quality of a company’s external relations influences not only its success but its image as well. When designing each step in the process of sales or customer service, we need to keep in mind that the best advertisement is a satisfied client.

In today’s world, fierce competition requires that we try to create a symbiotic, win-win relationship with clients, consumers, partners, and representatives of the media. Perfect communication in this respect is a serious challenge and it is a field of development where constant updates, reviews and best practices are essential.


Efficient sales and lucrative partner relations are important factors of a company’s competitiveness. These days, when we are confronted with hundreds of advertisements every hour of the day, getting across the best message is not an easy task. Successful sales systems are constantly updated to adjust to a fast-changing market. The education and training of sales associates can quickly yield a high return. Understanding and skillfully implementing best practices is a must in a competitive market in the following areas of sales:

  • Customer management
  • Individual sales
  • Self-service sales
  • Telesales

Sales results do not only depend on the people personally involved in sales. A leader with a sales approach, the attitude of the entire organization (e.g., reception, warehouse, administration) and their skills will directly and indirectly influence sales results, therefore we recommend that these actors be involved in the creation and implementation of the sales procedure.

Service management

In modern market economies most people work in the service sector. Outstanding service quality is a competitive advantage and a revenue-producing potential not only for companies traditionally within the service sector, but also for production organizations.

Service management training courses provide the tools and demonstrate the best practices in designing, managing and continuously improving service procedures from the perspective of a service-centered approach, by presenting domestic and international examples.

Managing media relations

The creation of the Internet has completely reshaped the social and economical environment of our planet. Electronic media encompasses our lives and informs us practically instantly of every event. A lot may depend on the relations maintained with the online media, and leaders and actors in the business world sometimes have less than enough experience in this respect.

Customer service – customer relations

Stress levels in our modern world are unfortunately much higher than they used to be. Employees communicating with clients often face situations when the client or customer is - justifiably or not – angry and their point of view is influenced by emotions. Employees handling such situations will gain client satisfaction and maintain the company’s image and good standing, minimize client loss and strengthen loyalty by properly implementing the methods of assertive communication, conflict management and complaints management.

Acquiring these techniques is the focus of our customer service development solutions. Our individual program is compiled by analyzing test calls and call reports, and interviews with customer service representatives. The main aspects are:

  • Customer orientation
  • Assertive communication
  • Managing complaints

More and more areas of customer relations are conducted through telephone or online applications (Skype, chat). These formats and interfaces often simplify communication, but require a completely different customer service approach and training; therefore we provide specific training support solutions in these fields.

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