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Adaptive develop­ment process Adaptive develop­ment process

The secret behind the efficiency and lasting success of our solutions.

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Cooperation development

Apart from individual performances, a group’s success is determined by its ability to cooperate and get organized. It is important that each member of the group understand the essence of the cooperation strategy and be clear about his or her roles and tasks.

Each individual, each associate is different, and the quality of internal communication and cooperation is fundamental for the efficiency of the organization. Sometimes this depends on small factors and it is not a given feature but a group skill, a common knowledge that can be improved.

Lasting corporate success can be reached by adjusting to the typical cooperation strategy of the organization (for example, different solutions are recommended for project-based groups) in the form of complex solutions (development, follow-up).

Organization development

Organizational Diagnostics

Increasing organizational efficiency and organization development programs that are adjusted to a changing environment require a complex approach; therefore an organizational diagnosis is the appropriate way to start the development process. Members (or selected actors) of the group are involved even at this initial stage of organization development, so the acceptability of the development and thereby its subsequent success can be significantly increased.

Development Program

Development potentials and critical points are identified by pre-defined goals and the results of the diagnosis. Although the driving force behind any successful organization development program is the leader, we place special emphasis on involving all relevant employee groups in the development process. We recommend advanced leadership training and, possibly, project-based coaching for leaders, either individually or in a group setting.

Follow-up, Support

When we schedule the development program, we aim to provide participants with the chance to use their acquired practical skills and knowledge in their everyday work, thus the experiences (automatically) become a part of the organization development process. The lasting success of the development program is solidified by a well-designed follow-up phase.

Team building

Psychological studies show that the quality of cooperation is most influenced by events experienced as a group. Among these experiences the most prominent are those related to joint dining and sporting activities, and these are the focus points of our solutions to enhance group cohesion and cooperation. Group cooking and active exercising play the major role in our indoor and outdoor team building programs.

Cooperation improvement under supervision

A complex program to improve cooperation where members of the work group, project or team discuss individual cases from the workplace and, using a specific supervision methodology, evaluate the strengths and improvement areas of cooperation. This process provides an opportunity for assessing individual motivation, questions, professional blocks, and finding solutions that are supportive for the entire work group. Supervision enhances the will to cooperate within the group and collegial support and group work increase.

Workshop methods

Workshops play a huge role in addressing the organizational challenges of our days. Internal workshops are an efficient tool in managing HR projects and improving specific areas of work. The success of a workshop largely depends on the competencies and routine of its organizers, so it is worth examining in more detail the critical aspects and factors of success in this specific program.

Our program, developed especially for employees in HR, uses several examples from home and abroad, various exercises, and an interactive format.

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Simulation solutions

In our experience, the development of cooperation skills is often most efficient in a simulated environment that is different from the everyday routine of the job. Simulation and the excitement of play results in deeper imprinting and knowledge based on experience.

Project management

One of the most popular methods of organizing work flow is project-based operation. Many organizations operate solely on this basis, and there are no organizations without certain project management-based features in their divisions, departments or groups.

Our solutions created for project-based organizations and groups surpass simple training courses. We combine the role and functions of project-based operations with blocks of skill development and leadership themes in the following topics:

  • Project management for project leaders
  • Project management for non-project leaders
  • Project management and communication
  • Group dynamics and managing groups in projects
  • Time management and chairing meetings during a project

Our project management solutions build on direct project experience as well as domestic and foreign case studies, and we use these examples to guide participants to recognize the factors behind real project success.

PMP certification exam preparation

PMP certification, which is a valued qualification in the market, requires passing an exam that even experienced project managers need to prepare for.

IT Project Management

As a supplement to our general project management training, we also provide training supporting IT and business decision making, strategic planning, service management, and development procedures. This training helps participants to manage IT projects more efficiently and flexibly, in less time and with a reduced need for resources and expenditures. Training courses are recommended for all project participants who wish to get acquainted with new solutions and methods, or who wish to later introduce and implement these methods. These courses teach practical ideas and tricks that we can use instantly in our work, right on the following day.

Microsoft Project Training

Understanding and routinely using project tools will make work considerably easier for those involved in a project. This is why our featured development solutions include training in Microsoft Project for users and administrators, as well as training solutions for implementing Project Server.

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