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Adaptive development process

The secret behind the efficiency and lasting success of our solutions is the process described below. We recommend implementation of our development programs based on this process, according to the following sections:

1.Defining targets

The leadership interview in this phase puts special emphasis on a mutual understanding of training goals and on selecting the right trainer.

2.Identifying internal and external factors

We consider it important that the trainer get acquainted with participants prior to the training, so that he or she will be aware of the skill levels of the participants and with specific characteristics in their environment.

3.Defining the greatest potential in development and adaptation

Following the assessment of individual needs, we meticulously prepare a detailed program for the training, containing specific content elements, methods used in each block, and a time schedule for using each minute of the training efficiently.

4.Using best practices

During our development programs, our trainers will use examples from home and abroad to supplement the development program, and they strive to demonstrate best practices to the participants.

5.Follow-up of development

The time frames of trainings are only enough for conveying knowledge – the implementation of new skills and their integration into everyday practice is a longer process. We always recommend an optional follow-up meeting to the development programs where participants can discuss their experiences with each other and with the trainer, and have their questions processed. The follow-up event, which may last no longer than half a day, increases the adaptation period and may substantially contribute to a quick and efficient integration of the new skills.

6.Controlling circumstances and adaptation

Due to a continuously changing environment and expectations, we reassess internal and external circumstances 3-4 months following the development, to see whether the adaptation period has been successful and whether it has reached the desired goals.

7.Defining a new adaptation potential

The integration of organization development influences the internal environment and opens up areas of new opportunities for development. During our programs we pay special attention to building on our experiences and the feedback we receive from participants when we recommend new fields of development.

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